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The project proposes starting from the existing state of the orphanage and improving it. Technical problems were identified, their resolution by experimentation has allowed to bring hygiene, comfort, pleasure and the manufacture of places. The project elements studied upstream by the students had to adapt precisely to the context. This workshop was organized as a vocational training session. One hundred people from the Kliptown community volunteered to work in the project. On the last day, a certificate was given to them to attest to the skills they learned and developed during this event. All these people will ensure the continuation of this work and the maintenance of the site after the workshop.

Several topics were discussed and dealt with:

- The building of the orphanage is inscribed on a slope, it is regularly flooded in its lower part by heavy rain. Drains were therefore made to evacuate the rainwater from the muddy yard. A slab of 400 m2 of draining concrete was constructed to solve technical problems while providing a stage where dance and music activities can take place. Lafarge supplied the materials of this work made in "HYDROMÉDIA" new innovative draining concrete. Three gardens have been built to absorb rainwater, with flowers and fruit trees.

- A roofing frame has been constructed to provide shade and allow children to move between buildings, protected from the rain.

- The orphanage is not connected to the electricity grid. The school of architecture of Toulouse has offered solar LED lamps, they allow to illuminate the circulations at night and to bring more security in this place.

- A greenhouse was built opposite the nursery for the seedlings and the launch of vegetable gardens.

- Additional toilets were constructed by recovering abandoned structures on site.

- Water tanks of 2200 liters make it possible to recover the rainwater of roofs to water the gardens.

- Showers had been built a few years ago but the absence of public networks does not allow to evacuate the sewage and the showers therefore never worked. An autonomous phyto-purification system was carried out during the workshop. It consists of a degreasing tank and two filter tanks with reeds allowing the treatment of organic matter by releasing clean water. The showers are now working. We present this work with immense joy and pride.

We thank all the partners and all the people who made this project possible. Thanks to the residents and students for their exemplary involvement. We are going to work on the future publications of this work, which is very rich.

Teacher: Nicolas Hubrecht

Students of ENSA Toulouse: Alexandre Le Foll, Antonio Ducasse, Bastien Mesquida, Caroline Toma, Clément Ouaine, Judith Sedeno Fuente, Laurence Page Saint-Cyr, Marine Riom, Meryem Bouhaddou, Roméo Mivekannin, Sarah Landry.


(Press release)

A workshop by Christophe Hutin and Daniel Estevez of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Toulouse. In collaboration with the workshop of Alex Opper of the University of Johannesburg and the center Soweto Kliptown Youth directed by Bob Nameng.

The "Learning from" architecture workshop took place from 19 to 30 November 2012 at the SKY orphanage in the informal Kliptown district of Soweto. It took place in the context of the France-South Africa 2012-2013 ( cross-seasons with the support of LAFARGE and the French Institute of South Africa. The workshop was attended by external speakers: Kinya Maruyama, architect, Japan. Carin Smuts, architect, South Africa.

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