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Kinya Maruyama

Creation of an associative café in Amiens

Kinya Maruyama, a tokyoite architect with a benevolent smile, opens his magic workbooks for us.

We discover from his influences and numerous workshops, an architect concerned with architecture for people and the environment. Portrait of this atypical architect, Kinya Maruyama has built a lot : individual houses, workshops, nurseries, kindergartens, recreation centers, handicapped centers, retirement homes, clinics, residential and office buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, Concert halls, etc. In the meantime, He also designed parks, master plans and urban development plans. The book *, illustrated by its colored notebooks and photos of the workshops, focuses on one of his most recent and beautiful projects: the Starry Garden of Paimbœuf, on the banks of the Loire. In 2001, Kinya Maruyama had already worked in this region, organizing with the collective Team Zoo, a workshop at the “Lieu Unique”. Jean Blaise, its director, was totally charmed and proposed to him to participate in his biennale Estuaire in 2007. The history of this garden, recently classified Loire-Atlantique "Jardin remarquable", is told here. Drawn from the Constellation of the Great Bear and the four cardinal points, where one can walk, climb, rest, this garden is built using materials of the region and thanks to multiple solidarities (inhabitants, pupils ... ). In 2008, the architect returned several times to the commune to carry out new plantations and to define the continuity of this realization. In 2009, Kinya Maruyama consolidates his initial project and extends the grip of the Star Garden to the west. A wooden and metallic archway, vegetalized with climbing plants - with a light fueled by an electric bicycle - and magic fences, dry toilets, and a solidary kitchen garden open to the public, were created.


Draw in space.

Joy for everyone.

Share and build.

Build otherwise.

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